Sam Crawley is a marketing professional passionate about growing and nurturing marketing departments. With years of experience, Sam has developed an impressive track record of success in various industries. She is known for her creative and thoughtful decision-making and her commitment to a triple bottom line approach to marketing.

Sam's dedication to social justice is a driving force behind her work. Growing up the child of two marketing teachers, she developed an early interest in the field. As an accomplished marketing professional, she is thrilled to work at Henley Leadership Group, where her passion for marketing and empowering people to be their best selves blend seamlessly.

Sam's approach to marketing is unique in that she not only prioritizes profit and growth, but also social and environmental impact. This triple-bottom-line approach reflects her commitment to creating a better world for all.

  • BA in Society, Ethics & Human Behavior
  • MA in Business Management - Social Impact & Sustainability
  • Rebranded an entire company, taking five unique business identities and consolidating each to create a cohesive and marketable brand.
  • Led strategy and execution of International Women’s Day campaign, where female-identifying artists showcased their talents with the goal of empowering low-income women and girls to explore the outdoors.
  • Can be found happily reading newsletters and listening to podcasts about marketing in her free time.
  • Creating and maintaining deep female friendships
  • Love to travel locally and abroad, from trips with my partner in our camper to watching soccer matches in Europe!
  • Adopted an old golden retriever from Turkey, who’s faithfully by my side every day
  • Bought my first house during the pandemic
  • Taking time to slow down on the weekends: cooking elaborate meals, knitting and spending time with friends and family
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Did you know?

Did you know?

I was born and raised in Seattle and am your typical PNW resident! I love to ski in the winter and explore the outdoors in the summer.