About Henley Leadership Group

We are a team of leadership development experts who focus on a transformational, whole leader approach.

With over 30 years experience in leadership development, HLG's leadership team understands the challenges our clients face. We offer solutions that focus on executive development, team development, emerging leader development, collaboration, and innovation.


Henley Leadership Group is the radical idea of conscious leaders consistently inspired to do the right thing by their companies, by their communities, and by their families.

You can count on partnership that resolves challenges when easy answers do not exist. Our seasoned consultants bring a way of listening and coaching that moves organizational life forward and causes leaders to thrive.  

HLG Manifesto-Deeper Dive


Your partner in leader development. Ranked in the top 100 thought leaders. 30 years of expertise. 92% repeat rate.

HLG has served thousands of corporate leaders in a variety of industries that include healthcare, technology, utilities, and finance.


All solutions produce immediate value and outcomes.stat-quote.jpg

You can count on sustainable results that exceed expectations, improve organizational health, and empower leaders to be fully engaged. We provide real time data that support our clients in being able to choose, without concern about where they invest their resources. 

Meet our Leadership Development Team

Dede Henley
Carol Zizzo
Shanon Olsen
Derek Olsen
Erin Dorsey
Alan Cahn
David Rickabaugh
George Brewster
Laura King
Jeaneen Schmidt
Michael Lame
Jon Mullican
LaVonne Dorsey
Penny Koch-Patterson
Scott Armstrong
Steven Norris
Sue Couper
Brionie Williams
Evan Roth
Alan Cahn
Carrie Craik
Julie Jonson
Fran Nunes
Rachel Jones
Stephanie Murray

Imagine leaders ignited at every level. Think of executives consistently inspired to do the right thing. Think of teams that exceed expectations. Think of emerging leaders boldly stepping up.

Can you? We can and do. A vision realized starts with a conversation.