About Henley Leadership Group

Our Approach

We are a team of leadership development experts who engage the whole leader through leadership coaching, training, and assessments. We offer solutions that focus on DEIB, executive development, team development, emerging leader development, and collaboration. Our work disrupts the status quo, inspires leadership, and builds workplaces where all people thrive. Since 2003, our firm has provided coaching and training to thousands of clients. Our work ranges from individual coaching to large-scale design and facilitation of internal leadership development academies. Our clients include leaders from the public sector, utility, healthcare, technology, education, and finance industries. 

Our coaching and development programs are inspired by five key areas of leadership:

  • Productive Enagagment
  • Intellectual Agility
  • Vital Fulfillment
  • Innovative Actions
  • Integrated Ideal

When each of these areas is developed, you have leaders who can balance tasks and relationships, take immediate action against the larger vision, seek input and feedback from a diverse set of perspectives, and can orient themselves around what is possible vs. what is wrong. In addition, when leaders embrace these areas of leadership, they can cultivate workplaces that thrive.


Our Team

HLG's coaching and consulting team understand the challenges our clients face. Our coaches bring a depth of expertise and a history of providing excellent service and care to every client. We have intentionally built a diverse bench of coaches and consultants - diverse in gender, ethnicity, background, and education. A diverse and inclusive bench of coaches ensures that current, new and potential clients are more likely to find a coach that resonates with their specific and unique needs. Our coaches undergo rigorous vetting, ensuring our clients receive the most current, relevant, and empowering coaching and training experience possible. We take a team approach to our work. We lean into one another, share resources, and work collectively to ensure successful outcomes. When working with an HLG coach, you also work with our whole team.

Our Clients

HLG has served thousands of corporate leaders in a variety of industries that include healthcare, technology, utilities, and finance. We partner with leaders who are ready to disrupt the status quo, create lasting change and cultivate workplaces where all people thrive. 

Our Results

You can count on sustainable results that exceed expectations, improve organizational health, and empower leaders to be fully engaged. We provide real time data that support our clients in being able to choose, without concern about where they invest their resources. 

Meet our Leadership Development Team

Dede Henley
Carol Zizzo
Shanon Olsen
Alan Cahn
Colleen Yamaguchi
Courtney Caldwell
David Rickabaugh
Gayle Johnson
Derek Olsen
Christine Stoffels
George Brewster
LaVonne Dorsey
Jeaneen Schmidt
Marcus Quarles
Kate Butcher
Jon Mullican
Maria Gerea
Lauren Miller
Kathleen Goodman
La Tasha Byers
Lindsey Alt
Penny Koch-Patterson
Rachel Butler
Tera Bucasas
Sam Crawley
Julie Jonson
Fran Nunes

Imagine a workplace where all people thrive.

Can you? We can and do. A vision realized starts with a conversation.