Industry Experience

HLG has built long-term partnerships with companies in the healthcare, energy, finance, and technology industries.

We serve industries that are being called to innovate, collaborate and change the way business is done.

Executives and their teams have continuously turned to HLG to transform the way business gets done. Working with HLG is an experience of partnership, growth, and visions fulfilled.


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From executive coaching to internal universities, HLG has served hundreds of leaders in the healthcare industry. Implementing solutions that creative workplaces that thrive.

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Keeping pace with technological advancement is challenging teams to work faster, better, and more collaborative. HLG will support your team in transforming the way work gets done.


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The utility industry is in a fascinating time, an opportunity to change the way people relate to energy. HLG provides training with instant results in innovation and collaboration.


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Results in Healthcare

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Healthcare Case Study

Healthcare case study - 2015

Creation of an internal university for a large healthcare system resulting in improved patient outcomes and reduced turnover.

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Results in Energy

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Utility Case Study

Utility case study - 2015

Organization-wide leader development for a large utility resulting in retention and promotions.

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Hydro Electric Case Study

Hydro Electric Case Study - 2015

How can leaders build customer loyalty, improve efficiency, and reduce costs?

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Results in Technology

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Technology Case Study

High tech case study - 2015

High potential leader development focusing on collaboration and partnership. Resulting in reduced silos, increased performance, and innovation.

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