Shanon Olsen

VP of Business Development

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Shanon draws on her 20 plus years of experience in transformational training and development in a wide variety of sectors and brings this to her coaching and consulting.  She works with executives, teams and organizations to upgrade habits that increase collaboration, innovation and overall business effectiveness. Shanon is a bold and progressive risk-taker. She knows the value of struggling towards something remarkable. Her coaching is authentic, direct and empowering. She partners with clients to produce extraordinary results and lasting change. Utilizing her background in curriculum design and her many years of corporate coaching, she brings a unique perspective that serves her clients as trusted thought partner and leadership consultant.

Because of her breadth of experience and sustainable results over the last decade, Shanon is responsible for developing our new coaches, designing additional trainings and ensuring the success of large projects within our key client systems. With grace, dedication and humor, she brings our brand alive through virtual trainings, marketing initiatives and by creating an array of materials and products.

Relevant Education and Certifications:

  • The Leadership Circle 360 Profile
  • TED* The Empowerment Dynamic
  • BA in Program and Curriculum Design
  • Certified “Experience Innovation” Experience Point Facilitator
  • BA in Program and Curriculum Design
  • Certified Leadership Circle Practitioner 
  • Certified Experience Innovation Facilitator
  • Experience joy, energy, and continuous growth with my clients and in my career
  • Walked 250 miles across Spain
  • Faciliatated an international communication exchange between children in the US and Afghanistan
  • Director of the parent community at Whole Earth Montessori
  • Navigating marriage with two children (no easy task)!
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Did you know?

Did you know?

Shanon is happiest with boots on her feet and a pack on her back. She thrives in the world of leadership development and finds great joy in this big adventure called life.