The Power of Collaboration

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The Power of Collaboration

True collaboration requires a heightened set of skills - a set of skills that allows a group of people to produce the remarkable. Results that no individual, no matter how talented, could produce alone. 

Power of Collaboration Program Components:

  • Dynamic and transformational training in the tools of collaboration
  • Six two-hour sessions focusing on The Five Elements of Collaboration:
  1. The Five Elements of Collaboration Assessment
  2. Develop trust and respect
  3. Hold a shared compelling purpose
  4. Increase competence 
  5. Build strength through breakdown
  6. Engage the power of appreciation
  • Learning groups established to expand and integrate learning between sessions
  • Enneagram Leadership Profile for each participant
  • Comprehensive workbook and materials

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From a recent case study.
The Top 10 Outcomes:
  1. Greater self-awareness in leadership style
  2. Communication and giving feedback
  3. Building trust and respect
  4. Networking & building relationships
  5. Producing results within team
  6. Confidence and executive presence
  7. Skill in networking and collaboration
  8. Influencing others across the organization
  9. Ability to articulate point of view
  10. Skill in creating and managing a healthy organization

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Mastery in collaboration means:
  • Ongoing development of trust and respect during projects
  • Rigorous alignment and focus on shared compelling outcomes
  • Consistently increasing competence intellectually, emotionally, and physically
  • Building strength and insights through failures and breakdowns
  • Engaging in the power of appreciation as a means to inspire and engage
  • Producing the remarkable with ease, energy, and satisfaction

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