Team Essentials

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Team Essentials

The idea of "teaming" is rapidly evolving. 

When you participate in our Team Essentials program, you learn new tools and frameworks that are instantly applicable, cause new insights, and produce sustainable results.

Team Essentials Program Includes:

  • A Confidential Team Survey. The results of this survey will help inform the content of the training sessions.
  • A series of 2-hour training modules. Modules are customized based on the results of your team survey. Teams usually engage in 5-7 group sessions. 
  • All session are facilitated live by a certified Executive Coach
  • A comprehensive Team Essentials Workbook and follow up resources
  • Learning group homework and actions to implement between sessions
  • Ready to get started? Please connect with us here to schedule a time to discuss your team development needs.

Results to expect:
  • Increased productivity due to alignment and vision
  • Time and energy savings due to the ability to engage in productive conflict
  • Reduction in turnover due to an energizing team experience
  • Greater effectiveness due to trust and respect amongst team members
  • Expanded ownership due to increased personal accountability
  • An overall better team experience due to increased self awareness amongst all team members

View ROI cases studies on our program here.

Do your teams have the skills needed to:

  • Engage in healthy and productive conflict

  • Resolve breakdowns with blame or judgment

  • Provide timely feedback that develops one another

  • Build trust and respect amongst all team members

  • Collaborate effectively through complex projects

  • Hold a team vision that energizes and inspires

  • Create a team culture that energizes and inspires

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