Team Essentials

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Team Essentials

Is every member of your team working at his or her “highest and best”? Is your team producing results that exceed expectations? Does your team engage in the tough conversations in order to go to the next level of thinking together?

A great team causes all members to get smarter, be more creative and produce synergistic results – results that no individual, no matter how talented, could produce alone. When you participate in our Team Essentials program, you will be provided with highly personalized coaching for your team and its unique challenges and opportunities.

Team Essentials Components:

  • A Confidential Team Survey
  • Planning time to partner with you, the team leader, in distinguishing your team’s unique needs
  • A customized design pulled from over 30 years of team building experience
  • Skilled coaching and facilitation of your Team Essentials experience
  • Follow-on skill building and team coaching

This is a team development program that delivers results

  • Build greater buy-in, trust and loyalty
  • Discover breakthrough team communication techniques
  • Discover the power of emotional intelligence for team performance
  • An experience of the invaluable peer-to-peer learning experience
  • Learn how to build an extraordinary team that works together to deliver results

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