Executive Team Development

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Executive Team Development

Executive teams and leaders are being called on to upgrade habits, transform cultures, and create workplaces where all people thrive.

We provide executive teams with the opportunity to reconnect, re-energize, and explore how they can effectively work together to become aligned and trusted champions for thieir organization. 

Executive Team Development Components:

  • Comprehensive survey to gather feedback from all members of the Executive Team
  • The Leadership Circle Collective Assessment - A clear view of your current culture vs. aspirational culture
  • A series of team working sessions designed to explore five key areas of Executive development: personal, interpersonal, team, culture, and strategy
  • Content for all sessions is based on the results of your survey and assessment along with the collective goals of the team
  • 1:1 executive coaching for each member of the executive team

When you engage in Executive Team Development you gain:

  • Dedicated time to focus on key conversations guaranteed to move your organization vision forward
  • Awareness around outdated habits and ways of working that are limiting growth and success
  • Clarity and alignment around the most important issues for the executive team to address
  • New ways of working that foster greater collaboration and accelerate results
  • Expanded learning, personal growth, and a raised collective EQ
  • Access to a team of thought partners and consultants dedicated to your collective success
  • Practical tools that are instantly applicable and produce immediate results that build greater trust and respect
  • A more focused, productive, aligned, and connected executive team that creates tremendous waves of positive change throughout the organization

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