Executive Coaching Program

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Executive Coaching Program

Our Executive Coaching Program promises to elevate and empower leaders to keep pace with today's quickly evolving workplace

  • 9-12 month program
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching sessions with a certified Executive Coach
  • Assessments:
  • The Leadership Circle 360: Priceless feedback on your leadership style and impact
  • The Enneagram Leadership Profile: A personal assessment to surface key leadership values, motivators, and blindspots
  • The Leadership Culture Survey: A comprehensive look at future state and aspirational goals for your culture
  • Comprehensive workbook, materials, and books
  • On the spot coaching as needed throughout the coaching engagement

Looking to elevate your Executive Team as a whole? 

We provide executive teams with the opportunity to reconnect, re-energize, and explore how they can effectively work together to become aligned and trusted champions for thieir organization. 

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The workplace is changing at a rapid pace. Executive leaders are being called on to upgrade habits, transform cultures, and create workplaces where all people thrive.

Executive Coaching empowers leaders to:

  • Lead with the future in mind
  • Cultivate true collaboration and innovation
  • Build an inclusive and diverse workplace
  • Create a culture where all people belong
  • Harness the power of transparency and vulnerability
  • Empower others to bring their best to work
  • Sustain great leadership in the face of breakdowns and upheaval
  • Navigate ongoing change and transition
  • Stay present emerging needs and trends

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