DEI Works

Great leaders know there is always more to discover about the way they lead and work with others. 

Working with certified DEI consultants and experts, you will increase your leadership competence by integrating diversity, equity and, inclusion into the way you lead.  

We see four key phases that are designed to bring clarity, gain new insights, increase engagement, and produce lasting change. 

Initial data collecting

  • Includes survey and 15, 30 minute 1:1 interviews Interviewees determined by your team
  • Review of data that is already available. Organizing of all interview data into themes, insights, potential areas for impact
  • Written report provided to stakeholders

Making sense of the data

Working session with your executive team to interpret, process and make sense of the data. This session will serve to gain new insights, increase empathy and understanding, and define a clear “current state” picture of your organization

DEI Development Program

  1. Productive engagement
  2. Engaging in healthy conflict
  3. DEI Pathways To Mission Building a Culture of Trust & RespectLearning a shared DEI language 
  4. Establishing Common Understanding & Language Around DEI Concepts and Influences
  5. Focusing on the Impact of Implicit Bias and Assumptions
  6. Widening Perspectives to Grow Beyond Inequity and Micro Aggressions
  7. Integrating DEI Insights and Practices

Integration and Implementation:

8 hours of consulting and coaching with the senior leadership team to implement the learning into real world outcomes

When done right, DEI work creates a more innovative, equitable, and dedicated workplace.  

Here is what makes it work:

  • Senior leaders are in the conversation
  • DEI is built in to the vision, mission and values
  • It becomes the "air you breathe"
  • Data is used to define success
  • Working with a development partner that is dedicated to learning, psychological safety and transformational outcomes

What makes our approach different:

  • We partner with senior leaders to ensure the work is integrated into the culture - Not only does this create a positive impact on retention, engagement, and morale, it also supports forward momentum on strategy and vision.
  • This work is done through a leadership development approach with a DEI lens. Your leaders will acquire new skills and increase their awareness around DEI. As we see it, DEI and leadership development go hand in hand.
  • Creating psychological safety and building trust is paramount to the process. For this reason, we first provide the tools needed to ensure successful conversations, expand self-awareness, and create partnerships.
  • We are in a conversation with you. We bring real-world, real-life examples to the work. We are not here to talk at you, we are here to talk with you.

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