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Utility case study - 2015

I.        The Challenge and Complication:

The initial challenge included a request for comprehensive leadership development at a utility company.  It had been 27 years since leaders had engaged in formal training and development initiative. In their “Great Places to Work” survey, the data pointed to a lack of skill in the supervisory, management, director, and VP ranks. 

II.       The Solution:

We designed and delivered a workshop, including six months of individual and group coaching to over 600 leaders. Phase two involved the delivery of an “advanced” leadership offering for director level and above, called “The Power of Collaboration.” Phase three involved a full-year of executive coaching for all Vice-Presidents and above, including the CEO.  This three-phase approach allowed for all leaders in the organization to experience six months to one full year of formal development. 

III.      Results Produced:

Henley Leadership Group has been a trusted advisor and resource for this client for over fifteen years.  The development in Phase One, enabled leaders to identify and achieve meaningful development goals with measurable business results.  Leaders reported an increased ability to make meaningful commitments and take appropriate actions. Also, they experienced increased follow-through; forthrightness in dealing with others; and the ability to coach others.

Phase II produced:  increased leadership courage and willingness to take risks; deeper levels of collegial honesty, appreciation, trust and willingness to tackle tough issues; increased cross-department collaboration and reduction in silos; greater levels of self-awareness and ability to recognize and control limiting behaviors; increased skill in listening and ability to remain open to diverse perspectives; an ability to focus and prioritize what matters most; and greater ability to take on expanded leadership roles.

Executives who participated in executive coaching realized the following results: More supportive of peers; follow up and responsiveness with team improved; improved external relationships, communication, and collaboration; listening skills improved.  The ability to motivate others improved.  Executives were more frequently driving change.  Effectiveness in dealing with conflict improved.

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