LaVonne Dorsey

Certified Leadership Coach, Consultant and Counselor

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The first thing you’ll notice about LaVonne is her drive, commitment and unique approach. Her knowledge and experience as a coach and leadership development, diversity, equity, inclusion, racial and social justice consultant is uniquely enhanced by the Pragmatic Compassion she brings from her Clinical Psychology practice. This pragmatism comes from many years as a Fortune 500 strategist, consultant and coach/mentor. LaVonne has developed companywide DEI strategies and initiatives, training content and co-created DEI workshop content, facilitation, and organization assessments.  She has worked with diverse corporate cultures for the past 25+ years while concurrently coaching many individual business owners and entrepreneurs to reach new career/business goals or rebrand themselves to pivot in new directions.

The compassion comes from who she is, how she was raised and from many years as a counselor. Along with her coaching and consulting practice, she uses her M.A. in Clinical Psychology to counsel individuals and couples - which utilizes a completely different strategy and skillset from coaching. The combined knowledge of these two distinct disciplines and her varied experience gives her a truly unique coaching perspective and a substantial toolbox.

LaVonne brings 25+ years of academic, corporate and practical life experiences to her clients. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation and serves as an adjunct professor for Masters in Clinical Psychology program at Saybrook University.

  • Certified in Human Element FIRO B testing and analysis; The Coach Training Alliance (CTA) - Certified Coach and Mentor; International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Empowering Life’s Energies and Mastering Life’s Energies program from the Academy of Coaching Excellence
  • NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science; Diversity Across Class, Race, Gender and Nationality Certification
  • Saybrook University, Masters of Arts, Clinical Psychology
  • University of Washington, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Organizational Development
  • Former competitive swimmer
  • Fifteen year+ Yoga practitioner
  • Raised a healthy daughter to become an amazing adult
  • Home gardener
  • Learned to “let go” of the control factor to pedal from the back bike seat of her new tandem

LaVonne brings a combination of 20+ years of academic, corporate, public sector and practical life experiences into her consulting, coaching and therapy practices. She recognizes the importance of professional and personal development when helping people in their quest to be successful at work and live a more fulfilled and rewarding life. Her work guides people to become more capable, committed, accountable, present-centered and aware of what they must do to develop professionally and reach their goals. 

Whether it’s a large organization, individual or a small family, LaVonne knows success requires us to be aligned around a compelling and unifying purpose - we need to agree on the destination and the road map of how to get there. LaVonne’s work, unique training and education is focused on the design and facilitation of conversations necessary to enable forward movement and sustainable change. 

Examples of Executive Coaching and Consulting Engagements:

Executive Leadership Team and Individual Development Coaching for several Affordable/Public Housing Institutions:  360 Leadership Circle Assessment/Leadership Alignment/Self-Awareness/Executive Presence/Authentic Communication

Senior Leadership Team and Individual Development Coaching for City Parks and Recreation Team: Executive Presence/Communication/Leadership Collaboration/Inclusive Culture

Leader Team and Individual Development for several groups in Public Utilities: Leadership Culture Alignment /Cross- team collaboration/ Shift from managing professionals to managing leaders of professionals / Executive Presence.

Executive Lead and Direct Reports Development, Non-profit Education Team Leadership and Group Coaching: Self-Awareness/Communication/Giving and Receiving Feedback/Executive Cross-team collaboration

Executive Coaching with Executive Leader in the Aviation Industry: 360 Leadership Circle Assessment/Self-Awareness/Executive Presence/ Giving and Receiving Feedback /Authentic Communication and Strategic Inquiry

Leadership Coaching with National Parks Superintendents: Executive Presence/Communication/Leadership Collaboration/Creating Inclusive Culture/Self-Awareness/Leading Difficult Individuals/Teams

Industry/Functional Experience:

  • Healthcare
  • Public Sector - Utilities, policy, recreation
  • Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Non-profit
  • Real-estate
  • Affordable  Housing
  • Journalism

Education and Certifications:

M.A. in Clinical Psychology from SayBrook University.
B.A. in Psychology and Organizational Development (University of Washington).

Certified in the following:

  • Conscious Business Coaching (CBC), Conscious Business Academy
  • Coach Training Alliance (CTA), International Coaching Federation  (ICF), ICF Academy of Coaching Excellence, Certified Conscious Business Coach.
  • Human Element FIRO B testing and analysis, Crucial Conversations, Empowering Life’s Energies and Mastering Life’s Energies program from the Academy of Coaching Excellence.
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Did you know?

Did you know?

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