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High tech case study - 2015

I.        The Challenge and Complication:

A global high-tech company had grown to over 100,000 employees worldwide.  With this growth came silos, bureaucracy and protectionism.  People were not working together well. Their motto was, “We eat our young.”  Internal surveys indicated serious challenges with employee engagement and confidence in leadership. Leaders from across the organization were successful because they were brilliant, but not because they were good at inspiring brilliance.

II.       The Solution:

Henley Leadership Group partnered with internal consultants to deliver “The Power of Collaboration” – a development program that both deepened awareness to the strengths and limitations of leaders as well as increased their ability to successfully partner with other leaders throughout the organization.  It raised the bar on personal accountability. Leaders were thoughtfully engaged in a new kind of introspection. They explored their underlying beliefs and assumptions and, through inquiry, came to see where they were undermining each other and relying on outdated judgments and perceptions that interfered with true collaboration and innovative approaches to complex problems. 

III.      The Results Produced:

The Power of Collaboration program was designed to create true partnership among colleagues, which positively changed the culture, so impact lasted well beyond the program. Most of the participants reported breakthrough insights that had lasting personal and professional impact. Most importantly, leaders became clear about their highest leadership intentions and learned how to inspire true engagement from their teams. Ultimately, the program went on for over five years and touched over 200 leaders.

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