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Healthcare case study - 2015

I.        The Challenge and Complication:

A new CEO in the healthcare industry needed to strategize about how his leadership team would address a set of emerging and important challenges. The organization had been beset with financial, operational, regulatory, and morale difficulties. It was being investigated by the SEC, sued by shareholders, and had tremendous turnover. It was almost out of cash. In addition, the company was in the process of acquiring one of  it’s largest competitors.  The acquisition would nearly double the size of the organization.

II.       The Solution:

Leadership development, succession planning, and team development emerged as pathways to recovering the health of the organization.   The client system had a unique culture and strong values that it wanted instilled in every leader across the organization.  One of the many initiatives begun was the development of an internal university aimed at developing every teammate.  Henley Leadership Group was hired to design, deliver, and assess University courses.  We also implemented a measurement system designed to tie learning results produced in the classroom to overall strategic initiatives. 

III.      The Results Produced:

Within five years, the company had achieved a complete turnaround. Clinical outcomes had become the best in the industry; the company’s organic growth was the highest in the industry, and employee retention had improved dramatically with a 50 percent reduction in turnover.  

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