Tanya Ranchigoda

Leadership Coach and Counselor

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Tanya grew up surrounded by her Sri-Lankan community in Southern California. It is through her immigrant family upbringing that she learned about collective and inclusive communities.

She took that worldview and professionalized it by becoming a social worker. Tanya now carries individual and community stories and histories to collaborate and allow people to show up as they choose to even in the face of adversity.

Her 20-year career spans oncology social work, private-client grief and trauma counseling, clinical supervisor and director, coaching, corporate training, and over a decade as an adjunct lecturer at the graduate School of Social Work at the University of Washington. Tanya’s teaching is informed by a mindfulness framework, antiracism, and co-liberation. It includes a framework of diversity and inclusion, not limited to, but including discussions on micro-aggressions, power dynamics, and privilege.

Tanya enters every relationship from a perspective of authenticity, compassion, curiosity, and a desire for deep understanding. This engagement role models and supports individuals and groups to consciously reflect on where and they are leading from and why.  Allowing teams and individuals to safely develop awareness of places of discomfort or dysregulation opens up the possibilities for sustainable change and meaningful action for diverse teams.

  • Facilitated over 300 interactive educational offerings and presentations highlighting anti-racist, anti-oppression, an co-liberation framework. Employs research and experience supported teaching methods to engage a diversity of learning styles that allows of understanding and integration of content.
  • Received “outstanding teaching evaluations” for 10 years based on UW analysis of course evaluation.
  • Has 20 years of direct practice clinical work with youth and adults.
  • Trained in Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation at the University of WA.
  • California State University, Long Beach, Master of Social Work; Thesis: Sri-Lankan-American Perspectives of Suicide as a Mental and Moral Illness.
  • Provided pro bono mental health support at an orphanage in Honduras for 4 months.
  • Have traveled to almost 40 different countries.
  • Hiked Pike’s Peak (CO), Mt. St. Helen’s (WA) twice, and completed a Seattle Half Marathon in  28 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Am conversational in Spanish.
  • Foster and engage in an amazing community of family and friends that supports each other in the best and worst of times.
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Did you know?

Did you know?

Tanya’s children’s’ middle names are Kemp and Payton based on the Seattle Supersonics.