Scott Armstrong

Executive Leadership Coach and Consultant

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Scott brings 35 years of executive leadership and governance experience to his role as an executive coach.  He has been deeply committed to solving the complex issues facing our healthcare industry, knowing that these solutions directly impact the quality of our personal lives.  His greatest gratification has come from working with teams of amazing leaders, unleashing their talent and together discovering innovative ways to solve the toughest problems.

As an executive coach, Scott combines this experience with curiosity, patience, optimism and a belief in the enormous value that strong leaders can create for their organizations, their colleagues and themselves.

Just over one year ago, Scott capped his 31-year tenure at Group Health by negotiating and successfully implementing the sale of the company he ran.  Since then he has taken time to travel, train for half marathons and clarify how he’d like to live the next 30 years of his life.

  • 30+ years in progressively more interesting leadership roles at Group Health Cooperative, a large, complex, regional health system that, through its’ uniquely integrated business model, offers insight into how healthcare across the nation should be organized.
  • Building, leading, and regularly being amazed by a superstar executive leadership team that made possible the negotiation and ultimate approval of the $1.8 billion acquisition of Group Health.
  • Two 3-year terms as a Commissioner for the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission in Washington, DC.  The commission advises Congress on payment policy for the country’s Medicare program.
  • Meeting with President Obama in the White House as part of a small group discussion on future issues facing the healthcare industry.
  • Many years supporting the Pacific Science Center by serving on the Board and raising more than $5 million for the Health and Wellness Exhibit.
  • My wife and I enjoy each other more than ever after being married for 34 years.
  • Our two daughters are happy, healthy, in love, engaged in gratifying work, and still eager to hang out with their dad.
  • I’ve stuck to my commitment to take a break from work and invest a full year in deepening my understanding of myself and my relationships with my wife, family and friends
  • I’m an avid cyclist (often joining Team GroupHealth) and will run a few half marathons this year.
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Did you know?

Did you know?

Scott and his wife recently took up cross-country skiing, creating one more way to enjoy the amazing Cascade Mountains.