Paula Fitzgerald Boos

Certified Leadership Coach

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An expert in transitions and growth, Paula has supported professionals at all levels and in most industries and roles as they choose change.  The change can be a leader moving more from “head to heart,” a manager moving to new ways of coaching/supporting employees, or an individual contributor proactively choosing growth and movement toward a more resonant and aligned experience.  She is passionate in her belief that we all deserve to feel fulfilled, engaged, and successful in our work.

After multiple early career transitions including from Vet School to selling chow for Ralston Purina to selling computers for IBM, and then from a brief stint as “full time mom” to outplacement/career counseling, she found her calling as a coach.   Since then, she has walked with thousands of people in the questions, “what do I want to be when I grow up this time?”  and “who do I want to be as leader and/or in this next chapter?” 

  • Going back to school to get a Master’s in Leadership and Organizational Development.
  • Certified heath coach, Positive Intelligence Certified Mental Fitness Coach, ICF PCC Certification.
  • Loves coaching in the Executive Leadership Program (part of the EMBA) at Seattle University.
  • Enjoys teaching a professional development class in the regular MBA program at Seattle University.
  • Continuing her own growth in her craft and finding new ways to serve her clients.
  • Completing multiple triathlons with my daughters despite being a pathetic swimmer.
  • Consistently serving in my community and on many non-profit boards since the age of 15.  Service is a highest value.
  • No longer apologizing for “wearing rose colored glasses” and embracing both my love of the color pink, and optimism.  
  • Introducing five couples to one another who are all still happily married.
  • Happily married with six adult children and the assorted wonders and challenges that go with a big family, celebrating many years with her husband and still laughing at his jokes.
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Did you know?

Did you know?

Paula grew up on a cattle ranch in Eastern Oregon and was a rodeo princess.