Kathleen Goodman

Leadership Consultant and Facilitator

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At heart, Kathleen is a revolutionary who seeks out the unseen dynamics at play and engages with organizations and systems that are ripe for breakthrough and transformation. Her degree and 25+ years of experience in organizational development, system thinking, and strategy serve her well in this pursuit. Kathleen derives great joy from facilitating processes to tackle gnarly problems, explore new ideas and information, and knit those into a synthesized view of what’s possible, where challenges may lurk, and what pragmatic steps can spark change. 

Kathleen is a seasoned leader with experience in the technology, publishing, retail, consulting, and philanthropic sectors. She blends analysis and intuition, combining the heart of what drives people with the data that point to unseen patterns and opportunities. She is a skilled developer of leaders, by honoring the potential within each person, drawing out the unique gifts within people and teams, and uniting their collective talents to chase audacious goals.

  • Led organization transformation efforts for teams ranging in size from 10 to 5,000, creating greater alignment to evolving strategies and rejuvenating employee engagement and effectiveness.
  • Developed leadership development programs with a specific emphasis on unleashing the voices, talents, and power of underrepresented individuals.
  • Created innovative approaches to strategy development that blend intuition and analysis.
  • Served as a senior executive at a large global health-focused philanthropy and at a management consulting firm.
  • Holds a master’s degree in management and organizational communication and a bachelor's degree in biology, and is currently pursuing a PhD in psychology.
  • Host of The Next Spring podcast.
  • As an adult, learned to play the ukulele, to make and decorate tiered wedding cakes, and to speak Spanish.
  • Volunteer and board member for a series of regional non-profit organizations focused on underserved youth and developing young leaders.
  • Completed three triathlons.
  • Mother to an incredible, neurodiverse daughter who teaches me so much.
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Did you know?

Did you know?

Kathleen loves intertidal invertebrates and has been known to even seek out the midnight low tides in the winter, sporting a headlamp and boots with warm socks.