Brionie Williams

Assessments Coordinator

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As Henley Leadership Group’s Assessments Coordinator, Brionie supports our company and our clients in a professional and gracious way.  She runs our assessments, responds quickly to client needs and makes people happy with her focus on service and support. After 30 years of serving the dental industry, Brionie found a true passion in training and development. Her commitment to transformational personal and professional growth moved her towards her current role. 

Brionie’s thirty years of service experience has taken her all over the world, providing her with an understanding of the diverse needs of people and the importance of relationships. As part of this rich tapestry of experience, she served as an international volunteer providing health care to people and animals.  She also taught art classes to women in Mexico as a means of achieving financial independence.  She is a mother to her son, Eliot, and lives in Seattle.

  • Set up a Dental Clinic in a Vietnamese Refugee Camp in Malaysia
  • Certified Dental Assistant and Operating Room Assistant for 25 years
  • Taught Mixed Media Art and Jewelry making in the US and Mexico 
  • Five years of extraordinary service as Executive Assistant to Carol and Dede
  • Proud mom of Eliot, an ER Nurse and soon to be NP and his commitment to being of service
  • Volunteered in Medical/Dental Brigade in Honduras 
  • Taught Art to Indigenous women in Mexico as a way to support their families
  • Worked with Animal Rescue in Mexico
  • Volunteered and coordinated Dental Clinics in rural Mexico for 4 years
  • Volunteered for a medical brigade recently with Eliot
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Did you know?

Did you know?

Brionie recently returned from Honduras after volunteering for a Medical/Dental Brigade with her son.