Enneagram Leadership Profile: Teams and Leaders

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Enneagram Leadership Profile: Teams and Leaders

This assessment provides immediate insight into what motivates you, where you go under stress and what you need to focus on in order to increase your effectiveness.

The Leadership Report

This comprehensive report is aimed at professionals within a business environment. Each report is customized for the individual leader and includes the following leadership modules:

  • Main Enneagram Type along with Sub Types
  • Strain Profile - Identify Stress Levels in Seven Domains
  • Communication and Feedback Model
  • Conflict  Resolutions Tendencies
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Management and Leadership Style
  • Key motivators and values

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Enneagram for Teams

The Enneagram for teams speeds up development, increases understanding, and surfaces the root cause of team dynamics.

Included in team session:

  • Enneagram Profile for each team member
  • 2-hour team session with a certified Integrative Enneagram practitioner to explore:
    • Team conflict styles
    • Underlying values and motivators
    • Potentials pitfalls 
    • Collective strengths
  • 2-hour team session on Relational Dynamics
    • This session dives into inter-personal dynamics amongst team members. Identifying the ways team members can work better with one another.

What's included with your Enneagram Leadership Profile:
  • Comprehensive 50+ page report
  • Debrief session with a certified Integrative Enneagram practitioner
  • Key areas of development identified
  • Untapped strengths highlighted
Optional enhancements:
  • Enneagram for teams (see side bar)
  • Session on Relational Dynamics
  • 1:1 ongoing coaching

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