Enneagram for Individuals

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Enneagram for Individuals

The Integrative Enneagram (IEQ) tool is designed to unlock effectiveness and speed development. The IEQ Intelligent Questionnaire provides an in depth look at leadership behaviors and motivators. This report is designed to disrupt unconscious ways and working by providing highly accurate insights that will support each leader in bring their best to the workplace.

Leader Report

This comprehensive report is aimed at professionals within a business environment. Each report is customized for the individual leader and includes the following leadership modules:

  • Main Enneagram Type along with Sub Types
  • Strain Profile - Identify Stress Levels in Seven Domains
  • Communication and Feedback Model
  • Conflict  Resolutions Tendencies
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Management and Leadership Style
  • Team Behavior and Dynamics

Team Report

This report combines the individual Enneagram profiles of all members of a functional or project team. It is normally used for team development and team coaching or to build leadership understanding of team dynamics. The Team Report requires all members of the team to complete the Integrative Enneagram Questionnaire as well as the customized Team Questionnaire.

This is a leadership assessment program that delivers results:

  • Heightened personal awareness and EQ
  • Improved collaboration and team dynamics
  • Greater utilization of strengths and skills
  • More effective communication amongst team member

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