Breaking New Ground

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Breaking New Ground

Do you feel out of balance? Are you aware of what you do that might limit you and hold you back? Are you looking for healthy ways to engage your power and influence?

Our purpose in focusing on women’s leadership development is based on our belief that exponentially increasing the number and quality of women leaders improves an organization’s ability to innovate, collaborate and increase performance. Breaking New Ground explores what holds you back as a woman leader and deepens your understanding of healthy power. This extraordinary workshop awakens women to their greatest potential as leaders.

Breaking New Ground Components:

  • A seminar with a group of women leaders and a seasoned coach/ facilitator
  • Two assessment tools to ground you in your strengths and opportunities as a leader
  • An interactive experience of peer-to-peer learning

This is an executive development program that delivers results:

  • Have more authentic and open dialogue about the issues and concerns unique to women leaders
  • Identify the characteristics of effective leadership and your most common saboteurs
  • Deliver powerful messages of appreciation that win hearts and minds
  • Learn the capacities of the masculine and the feminine, and when to engage them
  • Experience greater freedom through awareness of the “five elements of balance” for women

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