Experience Innovation: APPLY

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Experience Innovation: APPLY

How can you increase your organization's ability to innovate? What will it take to move your real world challenge from inspiration? What would be possible if you could cause monumental shifts in projects, products, and system in only two days?

Through this two-day, highly energized and fully interactive experience, your people will master the design thinking process and start applying it to your real organizational challenge. 

Components of 2 Day APPLY:

  • Pre-session with key sponsors to craft the design challenge
  • Four-hour simulation to "practice" design thinking with no risk
  • 1 1/2 days to work your real world challenge utilizing the design thinking process
  • Follow-up meetings to support implementation of projects shaped during the two-day

Experience Innovation: APPLY will:

  • Move your challenge from idea to implementation
  • Demonstrate the importance of putting the end user at the center of design efforts.
  • Move real world challenges toward powerful solutions.
  • Integrate design thinking into your work culture.

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