Intentional, Thoughtful Disruption™

This proven and unique approach challenges leaders at all levels to keep pace with today’s business complexities. For over twenty years, we have applied this methodology in organizations, resulting in organizations with a solid bench of ready leaders, increased collaboration, retention, and promotions.

Steps 1-2

First steps: Assess and Identify Your Needs.

Knowing that the presenting problem is not always “the” problem, we work to discover the key development needs. Utilizing proven assessment tools, verbal interviews, pre-work, and conversations with key stakeholders, our clients are confident that the core of the issue is being identified.

Drawing upon the data from the assessment phase, key development opportunities, strengths, and challenges surface. This allows the right solution to be determined.

Custom solutions designed.

Together, with specific goals and the assessment data, we design a leadership development solution that meets our client's unique needs. Each solution is intended to disrupt the status quo, provoking new and energized action.

Steps 3-4

Development, engagement, alignment.

All offerings produce immediate value and outcomes. Solutions are designed to address unique development challenges.

Taking a whole leader approach, solutions are designed to align leaders’ heads, hearts, and hands. This engages leaders’ full range of capacities to increase business results.

Employees engaged,
leaders developed.

Leaders are expanded, engaged, and inspired to consistently do the right thing on behalf of their team, organization, and vision.

Step 5

Results Produced.

The return on investment is paramount. Our clients can count on sustainable results that exceed expectations, increase innovation and collaboration, improve organizational health, and empower leaders to be fully engaged at all levels.

"You have helped me immeasurably. You did the obvious thing superbly-listening, pushing back when you need to, helping me to develop aspirational goals, ensuring that I focused on a few things and helping to shape my executive team."

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