Credibility matters.

The field of coaching and leader development is becoming more sophisticated.  It matters to our clients that we are well-trained and hold credible certifications.  When you choose an HLG coach or consultant, you can be sure they are deeply trained and have significant experience in leadership development. We hold each of our coaches to the International Coach Federation standards.  

List of certifications:

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  • international-coach-federation.jpg
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Meet our Leadership Development Team

Dede Henley
Carol Zizzo
Shanon Olsen
George Brewster
Alan Cahn
Sue Couper
Erin Dorsey
Rachel Jones
Laura King
Penny Koch-Patterson
Stephanie Murray
Steven Norris
Fran Nunes
Derek Olsen
Evan Roth
Alan Cahn
Brionie Williams

Imagine leaders ignited at every level. Think of executives consistently inspired to do the right thing. Think of teams that exceed expectations. Think of emerging leaders boldly stepping up.

Can you? We can and do. A vision realized starts with a conversation.